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Our Family “Tree”

August 29, 2010

Our Family "Tree"

Let’s just drive. This was the spontaneous idea behind a map-less Saturday morning trip, destination…nowhere in particular. 

There were certainly cons to this adventure. This particular Saturday fell between pay days, gas prices were spiking a fever, and we were all exhausted from a long work, school, and therapy week.  The only thing that seemed to fuel Raphael and I was that this was the first Saturday, in a very long time, that had no schedule. We didn’t have to do anything, and that was enough to make us want to do everything with the children in tow.   

We stopped at the dollar store, purchased a gallon-sized bottle of bubbles, a plastic disc shooter, and a few salty and sweet snack treats. We settled back in the car, looked at the Navigation System, and laughed.  Wherever we were going, we were all going, and that was the point of the trip. We were all together, five free birds, caged in the same car, listening to Barney sing.   

Forty-three miles later, we found the place that made us stop. Wadmalaw Island, South Carolina. It was a wide open space with a smattering of picnic tables and the most beautiful centuries old Oak trees, artistically placed by natures’ hand.  It was so peaceful, and so far away from the noise of our lives. Smiles travelled across our lips, and we knew it was going to be a great day.   

We blew bubbles and popped them with our foreheads and cheeks and spun around with the dancing leaves. The plastic disc shooter we purchased broke within three minutes, and none of us cared. We were on natures’ playground now and the screams that were “no-no’s” indoors, were simply carried away by the wind out here. We stayed for hours, and only left after promising our family we would come back.     

We often travel to our family tree, but when we can’t trek forty-three miles, we look at the 36-inch photograph of “our tree” that’s framed by irreplaceable memories and hangs on our living room wall.   

Sometimes a route to nowhere gets you everywhere you need to be…   

Where do you go where your entire family is accepted “as-is”?  Where can you let your hair down and just be care free, if only for a little while? Please share your comments.

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