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Autism. There’s an App for that?!

August 31, 2010
Behold the iPad in All Its Glory

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Raphael James 

Autism…there’s an App for that!

Who knew that the I-pad could be just what the doctor ordered for children on the Autistic Spectrum

 A San Francisco Weekly article I read, explained how a mother used some of the educational applications for the I-pad to help her non-verbal Autistic son.  The child was able to take his finger and draw pre-writing strokes on the screen. She says he instantly took to the device and while she stops short of calling it a “Miracle Therapy” she is optimistic about the possibilities. 

One of the iPad’s popular apps for education seems to be Proloquo2Go.  It seems to work under the same principles as the PECS (Pictures Exchange Communication System) but it lets those with communicative disorders touch pictures that represent words while the iPad speaks for them. Here’s an example.   

In some school districts, students whose parents can’t afford computers are being given iPod Touches.  The students use the Educational Apps to study and complete homework assignments.   Perhaps, if studies prove the iPad successful, grants could be secured to help special needs children as well. 

Because many children on the spectrum have problems socializing and interacting with others, is handing them a device that they use independently healthy or helpful for them? 

Please discuss. 

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