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September 27, 2010
two sides to every story

Image by Norma Desmond via Flickr


From time to time, we come across videos that we find particularly enlightening concerning autism and we post it here.  An overwhelming amount of literature is available, but not all of it is well produced, clear and concise.  What we hope to do here is provide a conduit  for information that is easily digestible and understood by those who don’t have a vast knowledge of the subject matter. 

I have found that it is a great resource for parents of children recently diagnosed on the autistic spectrum.  It is also a good reference to those who are willfully ignorant about the truth concerning the disorder.  For anyone who can’t  quite seem to “get their head around” what autism is, our video wall to the right of your screen is a great starting point. 

We have so many autism videos because that is the special need that our family is dealing with at present. If you have video links that you think would be of benefit to others please let us know so that we might add it to the collection. Think of it as your Video Library. 

Below is an article that I came across on NPR.  It is a movie review for A Mother’s Courage: Talking Back to Autism.  The trailer is below. 

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