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We’re All “On Aisle 9” Together

August 26, 2011
Oftentimes “On Aisle 9” moments make you feel like you are on this journey all alone. Stranded on Aisle 9 Island!
Since we started this blog, many of you have reached out to let us know that we’re NOT alone. You fully understand the joys and struggles that go along with special needs. Your emails, letters and phone calls warm our hearts and let us know that what we are doing is worthwhile. 
Then there are others who read our blog just to gather perspective into what life with a special needs loved one is like.  From time to time we will share the contents of your hearts, with all of our readers. Like this one from Tiffany Barnett in South Carolina.
From Our Readers: Tiffany Barnett, South Carolina
Sarena, My friend I often tell you how much you guys are an inspiration to me and I mean that wholeheartedly..I mean for years I have had a cousin with autism and I never understood it. But not only that, it makes me realize how much more I should appreciate and celebrate even the smallest of accomplishments with my own children.
Your journey makes me want to know more, it makes me want to do more, makes me want to get involved.
Even though I am not faced with the same issue I may be able to help someone else get through their struggle. So tell me more. Help me to understand and to see it through your eyes. How can I get involved. 
See I’m not only doing this for me, but for my kids as well. I want them to understand that some people, some children are different but they are the same in so many ways.  Some need a little extra love, a little extra push and I want them to know that they don’t have to be afraid because they may look different; and you can even be friends.
I want my kids to be that person to put a smile on someone’s face just because. I think it’s never to early or too late to make a difference in someone’s life. Even if its only one person.  
My heart gets full when I think about the mere fact it could have been me but God knew that your family would handle this situation.  One that would not only benefit your family but open the eyes of many and touch the hearts of others.
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  1. LaDonna permalink
    August 29, 2011 9:56 pm

    I love this. Great story!

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