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VIDEO: Blissful Dreams at Stardust Farms

July 29, 2012

Recently, my family was invited to Huger, SC where Grant would experience Horse Therapy. We had heard of the wonderful benefits of that come from the interaction with the animals but we got to experience it first hand.

Jamie Kohler has been running Blissful Dreams at Stardust Farms for decades.  Every Friday, she allows special needs children to come out to the farm. She doesn’t charge the families but asks for donations so that she can continue this awesome ministry.

Jamie says the horses are incredible therapists. They somehow are in tune to people who may be hurting and know how to facilitate healing.  Jamie uses a variety of methods to get the children familiar with the horses and their environment.

For more information you can visit to set up an appointment time.

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  1. July 31, 2012 5:11 am

    Driving on the Property: Please drive SLOWLY (always). Please drive around the pond and park in the designated area near the barn. Remember: there are children, horses, ducks, and dogs that are very important to us and need protecting. The maximum speed limit is 5 mph.

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