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Dear 2012

December 31, 2012
Dear 2012,
Today is the last day we will spend together. It is impossible to have been with you for three hundred sixty-five days and not developed some feelings about you. I thank you for trusting me to speak when 2011 wouldn’t, couldn’t. I thank you for opening up doors when in years past there wasn’t even a door frame. I thank you 2012, for introducing me to time, purpose, destiny, and seasons; Because of you I have a solid relationship with these four.

Thank you for putting more ink in my pen. I love. I laugh. I cry. I ache. I pray. I hope. I hope. I hope.  I live and write.

Thank you for witnessing the twenty year mark of the journey with Raphael James. (I believe in love…)

Thank you for the people who closed their eyes and read our story with their heart and walked on aisle 9 with us, and stayed.

For every relationship you strengthened or shifted or simply let go of, thank you. Most of all thank you for telling 2013 about your belief in me. We’re already dating… I’ve learned much in your year-long classroom. Thank you…
-Sarena James
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