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Autistic Man Told Not to Come Back Inside Store Without A Leash

January 10, 2013
Dog leash

Dog leash (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

These are the kinds of stories that you scratch your head and say did that really just happen?

   Did that security guard just imply that a man with special needs was an animal?This story out of Milwaukee, WI says a 26-year old man with autism took food and was rudely reprimanded by the store’s security guard; essentially he was told not to come back without a leash.

Understanding. Perspective. Sensitivity.

That is our mission with this blog. If we can’t change our child, we want to try our best to change the world that he will live in.

Please help us destroy negative stereotypes.  When you see a kid behaving horribly and a parent at the end of their rope, look again.  We attack what we fear, and ignorance breeds fear. If society will re-examine itself our kids will be better off for it.

Make no mistake about it, I’m not asking for adverse behavior to be excused. I am asking for a little Understanding, Perspective, and Sensitivity.

That is all. Please…and thank you.

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