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Grant, Mr. Glenn and the Harley

October 10, 2014

by Sarena James

I suppose if I were an eight-year old boy, I’d too be fascinated with and overjoyed by the mud puddles left by the rain. (Grant please take your shoes off before coming back in the house and wash your hands and legs, and arms, and face… never mind. Bath-time!) Maybe I’d be adventurous and try to climb a fence in an effort to sit closer to the sky. (Grant please get down so you don’t fall.) Or perhaps it would be the sight and vroom-vroom sound of a motorcycle that would broaden the smile on my face. (Grant if you insist on staring at the neighbors motorcycle, please speak to him too.)

Grant text

His name is Mr. Glenn.  Their exchange of hi’s, hello’s, and how are you doing’s, is almost a daily routine now, and that’s what’s really cool to me.

Yesterday, Grant asked to venture out to the front yard to see the pumpkin we’d placed on the porch. I said yes, but come back inside in one minute. A minute and a half later, I opened the front door to find Grant smiling and standing completely still on the sidewalk. There it was again, the motorcycle. And there was the neighbor too.  I offered my apology for any awkwardness that might have happened, but he quickly dismissed it saying no worries. Feeling satisfied about seeing the motorcycle close up again, Grant turned to skip away, but was cut short by Mr. Glenn’s voice. “Hey Grant! Come here man. I’ve got something for you.” There in a orange and black cardboard box was a Harley Davidson mini motorcycle, the exact replica of the big one Grant so admired, kickstand and all. “I know you like motorcycles man. I got this for you. Here you go.”

And there Grant went, his skip now a run. “Thank youuuuuuuu!” his voice fading as he got closer to our front door. I stood there in complete awe at such a random but well thought-out act of kindness; kindness is such a beautiful thing. (Don’t cry, Sarena. Too late.) I told the neighbor thank you so much. It means and says so much.

There is an undeniable beauty in recognizing the ability in someone with disabilities.  In making them visible for their efforts and not invisible because of their enormous challenges. In taking a minute of your day to find and celebrate the common ground you share without the interference of stereotypes and judgments.

That’s a beautiful place to be. A place where the heart truly sees what the eye easily stumbles over. A place where the best of our human spirit allows for a relationship that purely offers itself to lighten the load of another, and asks for nothing in return. That acknowledgment leads to complete goodness.

Grant playing with his new Harley © 2014 Jaydn James

Grant playing with his new Harley
© 2014 Jaydn James

A few minutes later, my oldest daughter captured a picture of him playing with the motorcycle in his room. It was then that I realized the entire message behind this beautiful exchange was written on the shirt he was wearing when it all happened, “Love More.” Love more because when we do, it makes the giver and the receiver, happy…

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  1. Carla Winter permalink
    January 6, 2015 11:32 pm

    I have read this story so many times that my husband rolls his,eyes when he sees me reading it. It brings tears to my eyes every time. It makes me so proud to be Mr Glenns wife. He had no idea that he had done anything special, which is so typical of him. He does what feels natural to him. It never crossed his mind that he was doing anything different or special. I explained how he crushed the stereotype,and how treating Grant just as a normal child like any other is a blessing to his parents and him. He said he just liked the little boy and was happy to see the pure innocent joy in his,eyes. I feel the same about my husband, seeing the complete look of bewilderment in his eyes when I tell him all this. So I am blessed to be able to live my life side by side by this wonderful man. I am humbled by his heart.

  2. FREDA HUDSON permalink
    November 2, 2014 12:17 am


  3. J. Ackerman permalink
    October 10, 2014 3:43 pm

    That is so sweet!!! Articles like these help restore the diminishing faith we have in society. Thank you Mr. Glenn!!!

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