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Grant, Mr. Glenn and the Harley

October 10, 2014

by Sarena James

I suppose if I were an eight-year old boy, I’d too be fascinated with and overjoyed by the mud puddles left by the rain. (Grant please take your shoes off before coming back in the house and wash your hands and legs, and arms, and face… never mind. Bath-time!) Maybe I’d be adventurous and try to climb a fence in an effort to sit closer to the sky. (Grant please get down so you don’t fall.) Or perhaps it would be the sight and vroom-vroom sound of a motorcycle that would broaden the smile on my face. (Grant if you insist on staring at the neighbors motorcycle, please speak to him too.)
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Conversation Peace

September 29, 2014

by Raphael James

“Stop whining!”

“Clean up your room.”

“Stop screaming! Look for it, yourself!”

I realized this weekend that for too long, these one way conversations have been the only communication that I’ve had with my son, Grant.

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A Terrific Kid Named Grant

March 10, 2014
Terrific Kid Award

Terrific Kid Award

by Sarena James

As with any given journey, forward movement places some scenes in the rear view mirror. It is impossible to move ahead without the scene in the background changing, reminding us of what we’ve passed by or been through.  At times the glimpse of beauty we see in front of us, is what drives us, and motivates us, and fuels us to keep going.  For four years now, we’ve been travelling with Grant holding a map with destinations marked by hope and hard work.

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A Sunday Prayer

October 20, 2013

by Sarena James

Grant Sunrise

Today presented one of those mornings. One of those mornings that would put me at home navigating on a sea of emotions with the son, struggling to shine. He threw things in frustration. Screamed in place of words. 

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Free Autism consortium

September 7, 2013


Until The Wheels Come Off

September 4, 2013

by Sarena JamesTraining Wheels

I have never been the mother of an autistic child who is seven. Seven is not six, or five or even four, and it’s certainly not three, around the age my son was diagnosed. No, seven is different.  Seven is more active. Seven is thirstier and intentionally searching for what makes the world go ‘round. Read more…

Holly Robinson Peete takes on Rap Artists…Again

July 20, 2013

Holly Robinson Peete, autism advocate takes on entertainers. “Autism” will not become the “R” word. Read more…