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A New Way to Say Home

July 4, 2011
Fireworks exploding

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by Raphael and Sarena James

Grant and the outdoors are the best of friends.

 He loves the openness. He loves the clouds and the sun. He loves the dirt and the grass. He loves the trees that circle around his freedom. Sometimes he’ll even tolerate the rain if it promises not to cry too hard. Night or day, getting him to come back indoors is always tiring. Really, it’s just his favorite place to be.

Last night however, that relationship was strained.

The five of us had just started walking the neighborhood when with a BOOM, night suddenly became day. We heard it before we saw it. A high pitched scream of intense lights completely washed our street in colors. Firecrackers on the third of July!

The neighborhood children were clapping and jumping with excitement. They were smiling and laughing with joy. But Grant looked like something had interrupted his routine… and he wasn’t quite sure how to handle it.

We tried comforting him by smiling and swinging his arms. Raphael even hoisted him up on his shoulders and tried to bounce the fear away. Then this miraculous thing happened. In between the crashing sounds of the firecrackers we heard him say three distinct numbers; the numbers of our address in perfect order. He said it again, this time pointing in the direction of where we’d come. Our son wanted to go home, and he took the numerical route to tell us.

Our son knows where he lives.  That in itself  brightens our outlook much more than any sparkler ever could.

As soon as his feet hit the pavement, he took off. When we reached our front door he glanced back at the night sky as if it had betrayed him. Another firecracker went off and he turned the knob, and went inside. He must have repeated the numbers to our address at least a dozen times during the night. He was smiling and he was finally safe from the trespassing noises and lights.

For two years now, he has awe-mazed us with his journey. He holds a map with roads unlike any that we’ve ever seen, but the destinations are still the same. He knows his name, his colors, his shapes, and his numbers. He knows how to write. He knows his family, his teachers, and his classmates. Inches later we have come many, many miles. In some aspects, we’ve travelled even further by taking his route. The number of things Grant has learned gives us great hope; and in that number is now his address.

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  1. Mrs. C permalink
    July 5, 2011 2:15 am

    This is absolutely phenomenal! Small miracles all along the way will pave the road to the one we all pray for. Sarena James has an unusual talent for painting scenes with words, and this article is yet another way that she opens her family’s journey for all the world to see… and applaud. Yea, Grant!!!! I bet your household will celebrate the Third of July every year!

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